"I arrived at Earth Angel with no appointment. The store had not even opened. I was an emotional mess. I remember all I did was cry.  I was so upset that a lady gave up her appointment to let me go first, even though I had no appointment. That's when I met Paul. His energy immediately gave me peace.  As he did the reading I started to gain clarity on my direction.  I left the store that day with peace and calm.  Every reading has been accurate.  Every time I feel I start to doubt myself, Paul's readings bring me back to center.  I become more focused and more aware of what grounds me.  He has been a teacher on my spiritual growth.  Thank You!"

~ Tonya

"Paul has been instrumental in my success in the media as well as my personal life. He never ceases to  amaze me with his advice and intuitive insights.  He has also brought me great solace  regarding  members  of  my  family  who are  on  the  other  side.  Thank you, Paul!"

~ Craig Shireman, NBC

"I am continuously amazed at Paul's accuracy.  Whenever I have a major life decision to make he has always guided me in the right direction.  I have used his services for years as has my family."

~ Dena Walker

"Consulto con Paul anualmente desde que llegué a los Estados Unidos hace 25 años.  No soy una persona muy espiritual.  Sin embargo su consejo exacto me ha ayudado mucho."

~ A. Pérez

"I lost a ring that meant so much to me it has been in my family for over a Century.  I visited several psychics to no avail, the ring just seemed to have vanished.  I came across Paul's website through a friend.  I was familiar with Astrology but not with the branch of science called horary.  I emailed Paul the time I formulated the question in my mind, basically;  'where is the ring?'  Paul returned the email within a day and told me according to the chart it went down the drain in the bathroom in the master bedroom.  I was a bit dumbfounded as I have 3 bathrooms and he tuned into the master.  Well, I convinced my husband to get the toolbox out, he is a total skeptic.  To our amazement there it was!  My great grandmothers diamond wedding ring!  Thank you Paul so much for your knowledge and great sense of humor.  Guess what?  My husband shortly after ordered a reading and is studying Astrology."

~ Donna L., Film Editor

"I had major decision to make and did not know which way to turn.  That's when I picked up the phone and contacted Paul.  I needed an expert!  I had so many questions regarding business, relocation and personal growth.  He is truly intuitive and answered questions I was afraid to ask.  Paul also provided a cassette tape of my reading so that I could go back and review information that with other phone readings may have been overlooked.  Paul has been so accurate and precise that I have recommended him to many of my family and co-workers.  I am so grateful to have found Paul and look forward to many readings in the future!"

~ Amaya M.

"I've been to several different astrologers in the past but they were not all that impressive.  I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first with Paul since he was in Florida and I am in Arizona, but he came highly recommended.  All skepticism vanished once I listened to my tape.  He is absolutely phenomenal!  He told me I would be getting a raise within the month.  The day after I listened to my tape, I received my raise!  Paul told me what I had been thinking and feeling for the past 10 years!  He is definitely the best astrologer I have been to.  He's got me as a client for life!"

~ Dawn R.