Tarot Reading

The Tarot is an ancient tool for self-growth and insight into one's life. Let the Tarot help clarify issues on your life's path. The  Tarot is helpful for everything from the most mundane to the most esoteric inquiries. Paul can guide you through this ancient form of divination by accessing his gifts as a psychic medium.

The 78 cards that make up the Tarot are wonderful tools.  Jung said if he had to remain in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, he would want a deck of Tarot cards to accompany him. The symbols  touch ancient divine archetypes of which he was the father.

Much of the history of the Tarot has been lost through time. Some think they come from Egypt, others  Ancient Greece or Rome—even  Atlantis. Whatever their origin, they are an incredible method of seeing into the past and what has brought you to your present situation, and even more exciting,  looking into your future. Paul combines his knowledge of  Astrology with each  Tarot reading, as each card is ruled and/or governed by a different Planet or Sign along  with  the  Four  Elements;  Earth,  Air,  Fire,  and  Water. 

Some  examples  of  good  Tarot  questions  are:  

Is  this  person  right  for  me? 

Should  I  move  to ____?

How  does  my  new  job  look  long  term?

What  were  my  past  lives,  and  how  are  they  affecting  my  situation  now,  i.e.,  love, health,  relationships? 

Paul will respond to your questions in detail, with possible outcomes based on what the cards indicate and through intuitive mediumship.

30 Minute Tarot Consultation for $55.00

60 Minute Tarot Consultation for $100.00