30 Minute Natal Chart Interpretation


Uncover messages and answers from all aspects of your life;  relationships, money, family, work and more with this all-encompassing reading.  This reading will touch on everything!  However, if you need a deeper focus into one area of concern then I would recommend another option on this list.

60 Minute Natal Chart Interpretation


Discover and explore your past, present and future. Your reading includes answers to your personal questions from both an astrological influence and intuited messages received during your session.

60 Minute Solar Chart Interpretation


The Solar Return Reading calculates the precise moment each year when your natal Sun returns to the exact point it occupied at birth, thereby setting up the major focus for the entire year with a unique chart that reflects the next 12 months.  An astrological technique that is extremely accurate at forecasting future events; it's rather like an auxillary of your birth horoscope  that paints a picture of this one year period.

60 Minute Transit Interpretation


For returning clients, a one year forecast based on current planetary positions in your chart and messages received through psychic mediumship. 

60 Minute Relationship Reading


Illuminates your current situation along with the positive aspects to the relationship and any possible challenges that may arise. Your questions will be answered through combining the individual charts and messages received during the reading.