Biography of Paul Oma

Paul Oma has been a student of the science of Astrology for 31 years, with 27 years practicing professionally.  Formerly the  ‘On-Site’ Astrologer and weekly columnist for Shirley MacLaine,  Paul writes for several periodicals as well as being the  resident Astrologer for several metaphysical bookstores.  In addition to his professional writing endeavors, Paul also teaches  Astrology in his home office in Tampa Bay, FL.  He uses the ancient and accurate tool of Astrology as an instrument for  assisting his clients with self-empowerment.  However,  he believes nothing is written in stone.  As he always says, "The Stars Guide—they Don't Decide." 


In the Beginning

At the age of 15, Paul began his metaphysical journey with a deck of Tarot cards, which evolved into other metaphysical interests, including Astrology.  He also began having experiences with the paranormal.  Encounters  with family members who  had passed on became a part of his life.  Paul became increasingly in tune with the energy fields of others around him.  This  sensitivity evolved into what he calls being a Conscious Channel.  This is where his uncommon method of Intuitive Astrology  began.

A Unique Blend

Paul views a client’s chart as a Mandala of their own unique energy pattern.  He does this by tuning into the 360-degree wheel called an Astrological Chart, a map of the heavens for the location, date, and time you were born.  Its symbols  represent the locations of the planets on that map.  While working on a client's chart, Paul will frequently pick up on messages from spirit guides  or deceased relatives.  He might even be given specific names or holistic types of healing that would best benefit that person.   Therefore,  he records these messages as he works.  Paul may receive guidance on everything from what gemstones would benefit the client to which essential oils are most beneficial at that time.  He may receive messages from the client's  friends or relatives who have passed as well as information from his own guides for the client.  The intuitive information he  receives greatly enhances the practical guidance that the Astrological Chart offers.  This combination also gives the client a unique  and  positive  advantage when  it  comes  to making  daily  and  long-term  life  decisions.

Knowledge and Wisdom 

Having  studied  comparative  religions  for  two  decades,  Paul  is  able  to harmoniously blend  the  philosophies  of  both  Eastern  and  Western  mystery  schools  into  his  work. Being  greatly  influenced  by  earth-based Shamanic traditions,  Buddhist  thought, and Metaphysics  in  general,  Paul  is  able  to create  a  balanced  instrument  of  guidance for  his  clients,  unlike  most  others.   His  recommended  reading  list  is  a  reflection  of his  vast  array  of  knowledge  and  eclectic  personal  interests  that  he  draws  on when working  for  a  client.

“We  all  have  a  potential  for  greatness  in  our  lives,  and  an  Astrological  Chart  can  align a person  with  their  karmic  destiny,  which  is  something  we  each  create.  

Knowing  the  cycles  that  you're  going  through  will  benefit  you  immensely  in  this cosmic  journey we  call  life.” 

~ Paul Oma