Astrology: The Cosmic Science

Astrology is a science based upon the law of correspondence: 'As Above, So Below.’ Every action here on earth can be found in the heavens and vice versa. It works on every level of the body, mind, and spirit, and even after years of professional  forecasting,  it  never ceases  to  amaze  me.  This  science  is  such  a  wonderful  tool  for  self-actualization and  growth.  

Astrology  deals with life's cycles.  Being in tune with your personal 'cycles' is what makes this science a valuable tool for each  of us.  What better way to achieve your highest potential than by harnessing knowledge about these cycles and working with them? 

There are different schools of Astrology, including Mundane, Esoteric, Business, Compatibility, Relocation, and others. Within those schools of study, there are several theories as to how it actually works.  One of these theories is that solar magnetic  fields are formed by the angular relationships of the planets.  These solar magnetic fields are carried to the earth by solar magnetic winds.  The winds then create the electromagnetic (EM) field of the earth.  These EM fields can be read by means of a natal chart.  That is just one theory; we'll explore others later... 

What is a Chart?

I think Carl Jung said it best when he said, "Anything that happens at a given moment in time takes on the energy and essence of that time." When you took your first breath, it was like taking a snapshot of the Universe. This is known  as the  Natal  or  Nativity  Chart.

It's an energy system that will remain with you throughout your life.  It's encoded within your auric field or akashic record.  The Birth Chart can give much information about a person and their talents and strengths so that they can harness and  actualize  these abilities.

The natal chart also reveals hidden fears and weaknesses, allowing us to work through these so they can become beautiful  aspects  of  self.   We  can  delve  into  Past  lives through  Esoteric  Astrology  as  well.   It  helps  us  get  to  the  bottom  of  our  Karma.

As you can see, astrology is so much more than just your sun sign.  We have so much to work with . . . Planets, Signs,  and Angles or  aspects that one Heavenly Body will make to another, the 12 Houses, as well as our rising Sign, which is so important, as well  as mathematical points in the  heavens, asteroids, etc.  We have to take a look at what the current Transits are, where the orbs are in space, how they  are affecting you at the present time,  and  what has happened in the past to bring you into your current situation.   Everything  reflects  back  to  the  birth  chart... keep  that  in  mind.

We also look at Progressions; how the Planets and Points move symbolically each year you live on the earth.  We have Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Direction, Solar Returns, Moon Phases, etc.  When you receive your reading, Paul will  explain  this  in  layman's terms  and  make  it  easy  for  you  to  understand  and  use.

Astrology has different schools.  Paul specializes in Human Relationships and Life Cycles, Compatibility Charts between Business Partners, Lovers, Husbands & Wives, and Friends. It's fascinating.  There are several different methods of combining  the Charts so you know the ‘why’ behind your being together.  Composite and Chart Combining is an incredible way to get  the  most  out  of  any  relationship.

Relocation  Astrology is another area of Paul's expertise.  Paul will combine your chart with that of your city or cities of choice. Yes,  cities and countries have astrological charts,  too.  Whenever something is signed into being, it is born and has a chart. Astrology is  based on the Laws of correspondence; "As Above, So Below." Everything on Earth has a Corresponding energy in the heavens,  and vice versa.   All Charts include a taped reading and a personalized printout of your personality analysis and predictions for the year, or as Paul likes to call them, ‘Cycles of Possibilities.’  Paul feels it's his karma to bring  Astrology out  of  the  Dark  Ages  and  into  the  New  Age.

Sidereal Astrology

Webster’s  Definition  of  the  word  Sidereal  is  anything  relating  to  or  expressed  in relation  to  stars  or  constellations:  Astral …

Yes, we have two zodiacs that deal with the same 12 signs. One zodiac is known as Tropical, which is what we use most in the west. It is based on the Equinoxes and Solstices, hence the word Tropical. The Sidereal (sy-deer-eey-uhl) zodiac is  based on the fixed positions of the stars in the heavens, and therefore, the calculation is totally different.  Each chart  expresses itself through our personalities and cycles in our lives in a different way.  There is a growing trend among astrologers today, including me, to incorporate both zodiac systems into our reading practices.  I look at both  charts while giving a reading, and have done so for the past few years. As I give you brief examples of these two schools of astrology, please keep an open mind.  There are also other methods, such as the Chinese and Tibetan systems of divining through the stars and seasons of the cosmos.

Hindu/Vedic astrology is a beautiful and fascinating system, and a science in its own right.  Vedic astrologers use the sidereal method of calculation, but they read a chart very differently than a western Siderealist would.  Hindu/Vedic astrology, or Jyotisha, has many rules of interpretation that are totally different, and it requires years of study to become a competent practitioner. Jyotisha comes from the Sanskrit word for "life” or “light."  Sidereal astrology is the predominant system used in  India and is still practiced today.  The Tropical, Sidereal, and Vedic/Hindu astrological systems were on the same page mathematically until about 300 AD.  This was when the degrees of the tropical zodiac began to change due to what is  called the precession of the equinoxes.  Here I am only giving you a brief synopsis of the differences between the two sciences, as it would fill pages to explain it in depth.   An astrologer can practice the method of Sidereal astrology without being  a  practitioner  of  the  Vedic/Hindu  school. 

What I have borrowed from the Hindu system when doing sidereal charts is a method of predicting events through what is called Vimshottari Dasha.  We go through major planetary periods at different phases in of our lives called Dashas as well as minor sub-periods called Bhuktis. While studying with my very gifted Vedic  Astrologer Dr. Dennis Harness, I began using the  above cycles and exploring how they affect a chart.  My predictive work expanded and even shocked me at times with its accuracy.  You  may be familiar with  the North and South nodes of the moon in astrology as the name of the points where  the  moon's  path  in  the  sky  crosses  the  ecliptic.  

Astrologers who only practice one system and criticize the others are, in my opinion, closed-minded. Healthy debate is what most tropical and Siderealists engage in today. From what I have gathered in practicing both schools from a western perspective and speaking with other astrologers is this: Your Tropical chart is extremely earth-based and three dimensional.  By following the guidance of this system and its methods of prediction and personal cycles, we can gain insight into the mundane  issues that we have chosen to experience in this incarnation.  When I say mundane, I mean the persona or mask you project  outwardly in the world, relationships, career, and health. The Sidereal chart deals with the meanings you ascribe to the above-mentioned examples. It is the astrology of the Higher Self, the person behind the mask of the persona.  Some examples of what a sidereal chart will reveal are one's karma, soul mates, past lives, and what seems destined.  It is multi-layered and multidimensional in its expression.  It is unmatched in its ability to predict life events and choose auspicious times for different undertakings in one's life.  About 5 years ago or so, I began practicing Sidereal alongside my Tropical/Western charts in my readings.   I was amazed at the beauty they both possess in helping my clients achieve their higher purpose here  on  the  Earth  plane.


What the ancients always concentrated on and taught was the interconnection between all life.  The animal, plant, vegetable,  and mineral kingdom are all one.  The carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and all the other elements found in our bodies are the same as those found in all other animate and inanimate things.  As any astronomer or physicist well versed in the laws of Quantum Mechanics will tell you, all of these elements were fused and created within the stars.  Astrology is the  mother of astronomy, so why limit its beauty?  So, in closing, I encourage you to join me with an open mind to work with the  Universe  and  discover  your  true  potential  with  all  the tools  the  Creative  Force  has  given  us. 

Tropical astrology and Sidereal astrology are one reflection from the same diamond that refracts the 7 rays of light that also make up each one of us.