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Paul Oma has been a student of the science of Astrology for 31 years, with 27 years practicing professionally.  Formerly the  ‘On-Site’ Astrologer and weekly columnist for Shirley MacLaine,  Paul writes for several periodicals as well as being the  resident Astrologer for several metaphysical bookstores.  In addition to his professional writing endeavors, Paul also teaches  Astrology in his home office in Tampa Bay, FL.  He uses the ancient and accurate tool of Astrology as an instrument for  assisting his clients with self-empowerment.  However,  he believes nothing is written in stone.  As he always says, "The Stars Guide—they Don't Decide." 

In the News...

Paul was a guest on Healing From Within with Tony Valen.  The show features Paul doing some live chart readings on blogtalkradio.  He's scheduled to be on again soon so be sure to like his page on Facebook for all the latest updates...


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